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How might your organization employ Text Analytics in 2016?

Help us design the best Text Analytics tool

If you are a MeaningCloud user or are otherwise involved in Content Analytics or Text Mining, we’d like to hear your opinion.

We want to know what “text analytics” means to you and your organization. We are researching current trends and issues in the market, both business- and solution-related, including adoption by industry and business function, successes and failures, and requirements for the software tools of the future.

Please take part in our survey. Respondents will receive a copy of the conclusions.

The survey is at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SurveyTextAnalytics

and it’s open till the end of  November 18th.

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What You Need To Know about Text Analytics

You have enough to worry about. You know your industry inside and out. You know your products and services and how they compare with the competition’s strengths and weakness. In business, you have to be an expert in a range of topics. What you don’t need to worry about is the in’s and out’s of every technology, algorithm and software program.

This is especially true of an inherently complex technology such as natural language processing. As a business owner you have enough to worry about. Do you really have time to understand morphological segmentation?Text analytics should just be another tool in your toolbox to achieve your business ends. The only thing you need to know is what problems you have that can be solved by Natural Language Processing. Anaphoric referencing? Don’t worry about it. We have it covered and anything else you might need from language technology.

Text Analytics

What you do need to know about text analytics?

Text analytics goes by many names: natural language processing, NLP, text analysis, text mining, computational linguistics. There are shades of difference in these terms but let the boffins work that out. What you need to know is that these terms describe a variety of algorithms and technology that is able to process raw text written in a human language (often referred to as a natural language) to provide enriched text. That enrichment could mean a number of things:

  • Categorization. The categorization of the text according to themes, categories or a taxonomy.
  • Topic Extraction. The identification of the key named entities and concepts being talked about in the text such as people, place, organizations and brands.
  • Sentiment Analysis. The analysis of whether the text is talking about those concepts in a positive or negative light.

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Could Antidepressants Be the Cause of Birth Defects?

We agree that it is not typical at all for an Information Technology company to talk about antidepressants and pregnancy in its own blog. But here at MeaningCloud we have realized that health issues have a great impact on social networks, and the companies from that industry, including pharmas, should try to understand the conversation which arises around them. How? Through text analysis technology, as discussed below.

Looking at the data collected by our prototype for monitoring health issues in social media, we were surprised by the sudden increase in mentions of the term ‘pregnancy’ on July 10. In order to understand the reason of this fact, we analyzed the tweets related to pregnancy and childbearing. It turned out that the same day a piece of news on a study issued by the British Medical Journal about the harmful effects that antidepressants can have on the fetus had been published.
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Sentiment Analysis tool for your brand in 10 minutes!

Have you ever tried to understand the buzz around your brand in social networks? Simple metrics about the amount of friends or followers may matter, but what are they are actually saying? How do you extract insights from all those comments? At MeaningCloud, we are planning a series of tutorials to show you how you could use text analytics monitor your brand’s health.

Today, we will talk about the fanciest feature: Sentiment Analysis. We will build a simple tool using Python to measure the sentiment about a brand in Twitter. The key ingredient is MeaningCloud Media Analysis API which will help to detect the sentiment in a tweet. We will also use Twitter Search API to retrieve tweets and the library matplotlib to chart the results.

Brand monitoring

Listening to what customers say on social networks about brands and competitors has become paramount for every kind of enterprise. Whether your purpose is marketing, product research or public relations, the understanding of sentiment, the perception and the topics related to your brand would provide you valuable insights.  This is the purpose of MeaningCloud Media Analysis API, make easier the extraction of these insights from the myriad of comments that are potentially talking about a brand. This tutorial will guide you through the process of building an application that listens to Twitter for your brand keywords and extract the related sentiment.
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Textalytics sponsors the Sentiment Analysis Symposium

Next March 5-6, New York will host a new edition of the Sentiment Analysis Symposium. This is the seventh event of a series organized by industry expert Seth Grimes since year 2010 in San Francisco and NYC.

This is a unique conference in several aspects. First, it is designed specifically to serve the community of professionals interested in Human Analytics and its business application. Second, its audience is integrated by a mix of experts, strategists, practitioners, researchers, and solution providers, which makes a perfect breeding ground for discussion and exchange of points of view. Third, it is designed by just one person (not by a committee), a guarantee of consistency. Being an expert in the consultancy business, Seth Grimes achieves an excellent balance of presentations covering from technology to business application. I attended the New York 2012 edition, where I gave a lightening talk, and I can tell that the experience was really enriching.

Sentiment Analysis Symposium 2014

Do not be misled by the title: do not interpret “Sentiment Analysis” in a narrow sense. The conference is about discovering business value in opinions, emotions, and attitudes in social media, news, and enterprise feedback. Moreover, the scope is not limited to text sources: speech and image are terms of the equation too.

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