Know your audience in detail with the beta of our User Profiling API

Would you like to know the members of your audience to the point of finding out their status and affinities, family and professional circumstances, lifestyle, or the topics they’re interested in? What about being able to divide this audience into meaningful and actionable segments? If you run a company that sells products, would you like to be able to discover and understand your ideal customers and optimize your business activities?

Our text analytics technology now enables you to use the content users publish in social media (their declared profiles, their conversations) to profile your audience according to demographic and psychographic attributes.

Turn Strangers into Acquaintances

You can automatically analyze the content posted by users to infer their demographic characteristics (age, gender, location, family and professional situation), lifestyle, affinities with brands, topics they’re interested in, hobbies, supported causes… And you can use this information to

  • Segment your audience: discover significant clusters in your audience based on demographic and psychographic criteria. Employ the profiles’ features to give shape to personas (archetypes) representing such segments. Drill down to individual profiles.
  • Identify market perceptions: find out affinities with your brand and your competitors, and analyze the market positioning of the different players.
  • Plan and monitor campaigns: use the profiles to define the optimal channel mix for your campaign. Evaluate the metrics of the campaign in the context of its audience.
  • Activate your best users: add the profiles to your CRM, marketing automation or social media management platforms to close the cycle and act on your most attractive customers.

This functionality is offered by our new User Profiling API, in private beta. The API can receive data published by users on Twitter and other social media and infer tens of attributes about it: demographics, attitudes, affinities, etc.

This API implies a change in the way we do text analytics: instead of trying to understand the meaning of a document (or collection of documents) the focus moves to the person since we are attempting to understand a user by collecting information from different points of view.

We’d like you to try this API and tell us if it can be useful in your scenario. Participate now in our beta to:

  • Be able to influence its functionality, requesting features especially useful for you
  • Benefit from a broad range of free use
  • Get special terms and conditions when the API is released to the general public.

To get access, just create a free account at MeaningCloud (if you have not done so) and contact our online support (here or sending an email to requesting that we activate User Profiling on that account.

We hope you find the User Profiling API very useful!

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