INTERNSHIPS in the Applied Linguistics / Language Technologies area (permanently open positions)

  • Place: Madrid (Spain)
  • Working hours: starting from 20 hours per week

Collaborating organization



Students of computational linguistics, philology, translation, or experts in English proofreading, having knowledge or expertise in natural language processing, programming languages or regular expressions. Students must be officially enrolled at any university (Spanish or foreign) with which we may sign an educational cooperation agreement for the realization of the internship.

Description of the internship:

At MeaningCloud you will develop with our team applications and services based on language technologies aimed at different types of users and markets. Any prior experience in natural language processing will be valued.

Other requirements:

We require reasonable fluency in English in order to be able to get along professionally in an international work environment.


Working hours and remuneration may vary depending on the academic level and the availability of candidates. There will be an initial training phase on the technologies involved. Possibility of incorporation into the company's workforce after the completion of studies.

Description of the enterprise:

MeaningCloud, which absorbed Daedalus, S. A. (a company founded on 1998), is an ICT company with highly specialized professionals and offices in the United States and Spain. It offers cloud services for content tagging (opinion, sentiment, and reputation analysis, automatic classification, information extraction, etc.) and develops custom solutions for multiple industries: media, information services, telco, online marketing, competitive intelligence, security, etc.

Indicative start of the internship:

At any moment

Duration of the internship:

Academic year

Weekly hours:

Starting from 20 hours per week

Workplace address:

Calle Labastida, 1 28034 MADRID

Study grant:

Depending on the academic situation and the student's dedication.

Contact: (At. Concepción Polo)