Internships in the area of Applied Linguistics and Language Technologies

  • Permanent job vacancies
  • Place: Madrid (Spain)
  • Duration of the internship: 6 months
  • Working hours: starting from 20 hours per week


Students of linguistics, philology or translation. Native speakers of English or other languages besides Spanish. Knowledge or training in Computational Linguistics will be valued. The student must be officially enrolled in any University (Spanish or not) with which we signed or may sign an educational cooperation agreement for the realization of internships.

Description of the internship

At MeaningCloud you will develop with our team applications and services based on language technologies aimed at different types of users and markets. Although no previous experience is required, any knowledge about natural language processing will be valued.

Other requirements

We require a reasonable fluency in English to get along professionally in an international work environment.


Working hours and remuneration may vary depending on the academic level and availability of candidates. There will be an initial training phase on the technologies involved. Possibility of incorporation into the company's workforce after the completion of studies.

Description of the company

MeaningCloud is a company that provides services for automatic extraction of insights from unstructured information sources. Through our Software as a Service

business (, we offer a stack of Application Programming Interfaces deployed on Amazon infrastructure. On top these services, we develop business intelligence solutions for vertical markets and specific customers in different industries: banking, pharma, telecom, media, etc.

MeaningCloud provides text analytics functionality for:

  • Text Classification
  • Entities and Topics Extraction
  • Sentiment, Opinion and Reputation Analysis
  • Clustering
  • Voice of the Customer/Employee/Patient Analytics (User Experience in general)

Some figures about MeaningCloud:

  • 5,000 registered users
  • 1,000 active users in the last month
  • 5 million API calls per day

With a growing volume of international clients, we need to incorporate language specialists to our high profile team. Our solutions are at the cutting edge of technological innovations, with a continuous involvement in R&D projects.

Workplace addresses

Avda. Llano Castellano 13, 28034 MADRID

Study grant

From 500 euros/month, depending on the academic situation and the student's dedication.

Send us your CV

If you are interested in this position send us your CV to