Internships in the area of service and application development in Language Technologies and Data Science

Number of internships: 5 Place: Madrid (Spain) Collaborating organization: s|ngular Meaning, S.L. Duration of the internship: 6 months Working hours: starting from 20 hours per week


Students of the TIC area (Telecommunication or Computer Science, degree or master’s degree) near to the completion of their studies.

Description of the internship

At s|ngular Meaning you will develop with our team APIs in the cloud for the processing of unstructured data as well as other language technology and data analysis applications, developing in Python/PHP/Java/C++ and others. Although no previous experience is required, any knowledge about natural language processing, techniques and algorithms for the analysis of unstructured data, and its tools (RapidMiner, Weka) or environments in the cloud (Azure, Watson Analytics, Google Prediction) will be valued.

Other requirements

We require a reasonable fluency in English to get along professionally in an international work environment.


Working hours and remuneration may vary depending on the academic level and availability of candidates. There will be an initial training phase on the technologies involved. Possibility of incorporation into the company's workforce after the completion of studies..

Description of the company

s|ngular Meaning is a company specialized in automatic information analysis (semantic tagging of multilingual and multimedia content and data analysis in general). s|ngular Meaning has absorbed Daedalus (founded in 1998) and constitutes a business unit within s|ngular ( s|ngular is a company in the ICT industry, with 300 highly specialized professionals, and offices in the United States, Mexico, and Spain. MeaningCloud is the subsidiary of s|ngular in the USA. It offers API services in the cloud for content tagging (opinion, sentiment or reputation analysis, automatic classification, information extraction, etc.) and the development of custom solutions for multiple industries: media, information services, telco, online marketing, competitive intelligence, security, etc.

Workplace addresses

Avda. Albufera 321, 28031 MADRID Avda. Llano Castellano 13, 28034 MADRID

Study grant

From 500 euros/month, depending on the academic situation and the student's dedication.

Send us your CV

If you are interested in this position send us your CV to