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Here is an example of extracting the structure of a document using the MeaningCloud:

Analyze the structure of the document detected from an English online article

In this example we are going to analyze the structure from an online document (URL), for instance this article.

  • Use the txt parameter to submit the text.
  • Include your MeaningCloud license key as value for key parameter
Example using curl
curl -XPOST "<<YOUR OWN KEY>>&url="
MeaningCloud API output
  "status": {
      "code": "0",
      "msg": "OK",
      "credits": "8"
  "title": "Margaret Hamilton (scientist) - Wikipedia",
  "abstract_list": [ ],
  "heading_list": [
      "Margaret Hamilton (scientist)",
      "Early life[edit]",
      "SAGE Project[edit]",
      "Personal life[edit]",
      "See also[edit]",
      "External links[edit]",
      "Navigation menu",
      "Apollo 11[edit]",
      "Personal tools",
      "In other projects",
  "emails_info": {
      "from": "",
      "to": [ ],
      "cc": [ ],
      "subject": ""