Using a dictionary in your application

Once you have built and tested your dictionary and tuned it for your purposes, you can include it into your application’s system. Here are some ideas:

  • Carry out sentiment analysis over different aspects/features of the products you are focusing on.
  • Proofread technical texts without having to manually ignore the more specific terms that are not included in basic dictionaries.
  • Extract the mentions of entities and concepts in a text assigning them a value from your own ontology.

Your newly created dictionary can be used through several of MeaningCloud's APIs through the parameter ud:


The request to any of these APIs must be made entering in the key parameter the API key of the user who created the dictionary. Otherwise, the response will not take into account the dictionary.

MeaningCloud provides a series of clients to interface its APIs. You can use the clients in any of the different languages to include your dictionary in your application.