Using a model in your application

Once you have built and tested your model and tuned it for your purposes, you can include it into your application’s classification system. Here are some ideas:

  • Categorization of customer feedback
  • Automatic article tagging for a news reader
  • Document categorization in archive and BI.

Your newly-created model can be used through MeaningCloud's Text Classification API, just by using the model's name in the model parameter.


The request to Text Classification API must be made entering in the key parameter the API key of the user who created the model. Otherwise, the response will be a 201 error:

  • Model not supported.

MeaningCloud provides a series of clients to interface its APIs. You can use the Text Classification clients in any of the different languages to include your classification model in our application.

An example of application integration of this API is your Excel Add-in, from which you can use your own models in an Excel spreadsheet.