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Text Classification - Console


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Output format


Verbose mode. When active, it shows additional information about the classification, specifically, it shows the terms that have been used for classifying a text within a category along with how they influence the relevance of the category for the processed text.



Descriptive title of the content. The terms relevant for the classification process found in the title will have more influence in the classification than if they were in the text.


Input text that's going to be classified.


Input file with the content to analyze. The supported formats for file contents can be found here.


URL with the content to classify. Currently only non-authenticated HTTP and FTP are supported. The content types supported for URL contents can be found here.

The fields txt, doc and url are mutually exclusive; in other words, at least one of them must not be empty (a content parameter is required).

Operating Parameters


Classification model to use. It will define into which categories the text may be classified.


List of prefixes of the code of the categories to which the classification is limited. Each value will be separated by '|' (category-1|...|category-N).

Raw Formatted