Text Classification is MeaningCloud's solution for automated document classification. It assigns one or more categories to a text, using standard domain-specific taxonomies (e.g., IPTC. IAB, ICD-10) or user-defined categories. The algorithm combines statistical document classification with rule-based filtering, which allows to obtain a high degree of accuracy and flexibility in a wide range of environments.


  • Statistical classifiers provide a means to use example documents to define each category.
  • In turn, rule base classifiers helps to fine-tune the classification and correct the output of statistical classifiers.
  • Its powerful rule based classification language is also useful to bootstrap a categorization when no examples are available.
  • Features predefined, standard taxonomies: IPTC, Eurovoc.
  • User can create his/her own categories and classification models.

Important announcement

The Text Classification API 1.1 has been deprecated and will be removed soon. Check the migration guide we've published for detailed information.


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Version Date Status
2.0 15/June/2020

2.0 (15/Jun/2020)

  • Explicit hierarchy can be obtained in the classification for the models where it's defined.
  • Now the abstract of a text can be added as a parameter. The weight derived from terms in it will be three times higher than for those terms found in the text.
  • Improvements have been added to the service that provides the analysis with a double focus: maintaining the performance of the predefined models MeaningCloud provides and improving the performance of large user defined models.
  • Compatibility with models created with Classification Customization Console 2.0.
  • The IAB model has been retired from Text Classification. Now it's served with Deep Categorization.
1.1 06/November/2018

1.1.12 (06/November/2018)

  • New improvements added the IAB model results in English and Spanish.

1.1.11 (26/June/2017)

  • New improvements have been added to the engine for performance and minor bugs have been fixed.

1.1.10 (27/March/2017)

  • General minor bugs fixed in the engine.
  • New improvements have been added to the engine for training performance of large models.
  • New improvements added the IAB model results in English and Spanish.

1.1.9 (27/October/2016)

  • Bug fixed in the categories filter for analyses with IAB.
  • New improvements added the IAB model results in English and Spanish.

1.1.8 (26/April/2016)

  • We have improved the IAB model results in English and Spanish.

1.1.7 (01/December/2015)

  • Improvements in the IAB taxonomy both in English and Spanish.

1.1.6 (06/October/2015)

  • Improvements in the IAB taxonomy both in English and Spanish.
  • Minor bugs have been fixed.

1.1.5 (09/September/2015)

  • Improvements in the results of IPTC in English and Spanish, and IAB, also in English and Spanish.
  • Improvements in the response time for IAB.

1.1.4 (28/July/2015)

  • The IAB model has been improved: a bug in large texts has been fixed and results have been improved.

1.1.3 (14/July/2015)

  • Two new models have been added, the Spanish and English versions of the IAB Taxonomy.

1.1.2 (02/June/2015)

1.1.1 (07/October/2013)

  • The response headers have been updated so the content type is correct for all output formats supported.
  • The documentation has been improved, both in format and contents.
  • Error messages in all APIs have been unified.

1.1 (23/September/2013)

  • New features:
    • The response now contains information regarding the credits consumed by the request and the remaining credits in the status element.
  • The output has been homogenized to follow the new standard for array elements in all APIs.
  • A feedback section has been added to the website.
  • HTTPS support has been added.

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  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Catalan


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