MeaningCloud GATE Plugin

MeaningCloud Plugin for GATE


Java 1.6 or higher, GATE 7.1, 8.0 and 8.1

MeaningCloud Plugin for GATE

General Architecture for Text Engineering or GATE is a Java suite of tools originally developed at the University of Sheffield from 1995 onwards.

It is now used worldwide by a wide community of scientists, companies, teachers and students for all sorts of natural language processing tasks, including information extraction in many languages.


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Version Date Status
2.3 26/April/2016 (26/April/2016)

  • Sentiment Analysis has been updated to version 2.1
2.2 02/February/2016 (02/February/2016)

  • Updated Topics Extraction plugin to version 2.0
  • Two processing resurces have been retired_ Lemmatization, PoS and Parsing and Text Proofreading.
  • Bug in quotations extraction fixed.
2.1 15/June/2015 (15/June/2015)

  • Updated Sentiment Analysis plugin to version 2.0
  • rt (relaxed typography) parameter now accepts three different values: y, n and u
2.0 23/February/2015 (23/February/2015)

  • Textalytics becomes MeaningCloud.

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