How do user dictionaries work?

User dictionaries are a way to easily integrate your resources in MeaningCloud's APIs. The accuracy obtained by our APIs is limited by the use of generic resources, which cover many cases, but can be lacking when it comes to analyses in very specific domains or on terms relevant to your interests.

These are the APIs that currently support the use of user dictionaries:

By enabling you to define your own resources, you can have a direct impact on the results obtained from our APIs, as well as be able to customize the semantic information that you obtain in your results, for instance, by adding your own ontology.

One of the main characteristics of our console is its flexibility: you can add as little or as much detail to the semantic information as you wish to. And it's easy too!

Dictionaries are composed by entries of two types: entities and concepts. Check the rest of this documentation to learn in more detail how to create a dictionary with your own information, or just try it out.