Topics Extraction

Topics Extraction extracts relevant information from texts like Named Entities (persons, locations, organizations...), concepts as well as facts (dates, temporal expressions, quantities, etc...)

Text Classification

Text Classification performs text classification based in a hierarchical categorization or taxonomy.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis analyzes texts and detects their polarity, subjectvity, irony and emotional agreement.

Language Identification

Language Identification automatically detects language of texts obtained from any kind of source

Lemmatization, POS and Parsing

Lemmatization, POS and Parsing carries out different linguistic analysis in several languages: morphosyntactic analysis, PoS tagging and lemmatization.

Corporate Reputation

This API provides a semantic tagging of multilingual content for Corporate Reputation analysis purposes.

Text Clustering

Solution for automatic clustering of documents in order to group them by similarity and discover significant subjects.

Private APIs

Do you need a functionality that's not implemented in the Public APIs available?