FIBO™ (English)

FIBO™ stands for Financial Industry Business Ontology and it is the industry standard resource for the definitions of business concepts in the financial services industry.

This dictionary enables you to detect the terminology defined by the FIBO Vocabulary, one of the resources provided by FIBO™. This terminology contains concepts specific to the financial services domain and links them to the corresponding node in the FIBO taxonomy as well as providing some additional information for them such as their definition, origin, etc.

Both the taxonomy and the vocabulary are developed and hosted by the Enterprise Data Management Council (EDMC).

The FIBO™ dictionary implements the skos:Concept elements in the FIBO™ vocabulary as MeaningCloud concepts following the criteria below:

  • The ID of each entry in the vocabulary will be the id associated to the concept detected.
  • The skos:prefLabel is the lexical form used to identify the concept. Any skos:altLabel elements are considered aliases of the concept.
  • The domain and subdomain (hasDomain, hasSubdomain) define the ontology type associated to the concept. Every concept in the dictionary has an ontology type that follows this pattern:
  • The ontology node where the concept is defined (rdfs:isDefinedBy) appears as a link to the ontology called is_defined_by.
  • Any links defined in fibo-fnd-utl-av:definitionOrigin and fibo-fnd-utl-av:adaptedFrom appear in the semld_list field.

Let's see an example:

  "@id" : "fibo-v-be:BeneficialOwner",
  "@type" : "skos:Concept",
  "dct:isPartOf" : { "@id" : "" },
  "rdfs:isDefinedBy" : { "@id" : "fibo-be-oac-cown:BeneficialOwner" },
  "skos:altLabel" : "actual owner",
  "skos:broader" : [
    { "@id" : "fibo-v-fnd:Beneficiary" },
    { "@id" : "fibo-v-fnd:Owner" }
  "skos:definition" : "a party that enjoys the possession and/or benefits of ownership (such as receipt of income) of a property even though its ownership (title) is in the name of another party (called a nominee or registered owner)",
  "skos:prefLabel" : {
    "@language" : "en",
    "@value" : "Beneficial Owner"
  "fibo-fnd-utl-av:adaptedFrom" : "",
  "fibo-fnd-utl-av:explanatoryNote" : [
    "This covers entities which have any kind of control. From World Bank Report: In identifying the beneficial owner, the focus should be on two factors: the control exercised and the benefit derived. Control of a corporate vehicle will always depend on context, as control can be exercised in many different ways, including through ownership, contractually or informally.", "Use of a nominee (who may be an agent, custodian, or a trustee) does not change the position regarding tax reporting and tax liability, and the beneficial owner remains responsible."
  "fibo-vocabulary:hasDomain" : "Business Entities",
  "fibo-vocabulary:hasSubDomain" : "OwnershipAndControl",
  "@context" : { ... }

  "form": "beneficial owner",
  "id": "fibo-v-be;BeneficialOwner",
  "dictionary": "FIBO_en",
  "is_defined_by": "",
  "sementity": {
    "class": "class",
    "type": "Top>FIBO>BusinessEntities>OwnershipAndControl"
  "semld_list": [
  "variant_list": [
      "form": "actual owner",
      "inip": "11",
      "endp": "22"
  "relevance": "100"

On the left we can see one of entries of the FIBO Vocabulary in the JSON-LD format. On the right we see how MeaningCloud will detect in a text the altLabel defined for that term.

Below you can see the ontology types that the dictionary defines:

Dictionaries can be used in the following APIs: Topics Extraction, Sentiment Analysis, Lemmatization, PoS and Parsing and Deep Categorization.

When this dictionary is used in an analysis, the meaning it adds will be prioritized in the results over the basic MeaningCloud senses, much in the same way as user dictionaries entries are prioritize when the use only my sense parameter is enabled.

To be able to use any this dictionary, you'll just need access to the FIBO vertical pack. There are two possible ways to do this:

  • Requesting the 30 day free trial period that we offer for all our packs.
  • Subscribing to the pack you are interested in.