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Requests are made using GET or POST data submissions to the API entry point. Typically, a POST method is recommended in order to overcome the parameter maximum length limit associated to the GET method.



This is the endpoint to access the API.

Service Method Url
Summarization POST Console

If you are working with an on-premises installation, you will need to substitute by your own server address.


These are the supported parameters.

Name Description Values Default
key The access key is required for making requests to any of our web services. You can get a valid access key for free just by creating an account at MeaningCloud. Required
of Output format. xml
Optional. Default: of=json
txt Input text. UTF-8 encoded text (plain text, HTML or XML). Optional. Default: txt=""
url URL of the content to analyze. Currently only non-authenticated HTTP and FTP are supported. The content types supported for URL contents can be found here. Optional. Default: url=""
doc Input file with the content to analyze. The supported formats for file contents can be found here. Optional. Default: doc=""
sentences Number of sentences for the summary. Required


The fields txt, doc and url are mutually exclusive; in other words, at least one of them must not be empty (a content parameter is required), and in cases where more than one of them has a value assigned, only one will be processed. The precedence order is txt, url and doc.