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DSS 6.x, 7.0

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Dataiku is a collaborative data science software that allows analysts and data scientists to build predictive applications more efficiently and deploy them into a production environment.

Unstructured text hides enormous amounts of valuable information, but it is hard to process it automatically. MeaningCloud's Text Analytics plugin enables you to include NLP processing in your Dataiku flow, allowing you to take advantage of any unstructured texts, giving them a structure, extracting its meaning and combining it with other data sources.

MeaningCloud's plugin for Dataiku provides the following recipes:

  • Language Detection: detect the dominant language of a text (language name and ISO 639 code) using MeaningCloud's Language Identification API.
  • Sentiment Analysis: analyze the sentiment polarity, subjectivity, irony and emotional agreement of a text using MeaningCloud's Sentiment Analysis API.
  • Topic Extraction: extract Named Entities (people, organizations, etc.), concepts, money expressions and quantities from a text using MeaningCloud's Topics Extraction API.
  • Text Summarization: summarize a text according to a specified number of sentences using MeaningCloud's Summarization API.
  • Deep Categorization: assign one or more categories to a text using advanced rule-based language models using MeaningCloud's Deep Categorization API.


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Version Date Status
1.0 20/May/2020

1.0.1 (20/May/2020)

  • Simplified UX:
    • Reordered and reduced the number of parameters for novice users.
    • Added links to the doc on the preset.
    • Standardized output column names (no uppercase to avoid issues with Hive).
  • Code styling: applied black code formatting for better readability
  • Language detection: both language code and name are now in the output by default.
  • Sentiment analysis: added subjectivity, irony, agreement and confidence scores.

1.0.0 (27/March/2020)

  • Initial version.

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