Deep Categorization is MeaningCloud's solution for in-depth rule-based categorization. It assigns one or more categories to a text, using a very detailed rule-based language that allows you to identify very specific scenarios and patterns using a combination of morphological, semantic and text rules.

This level of flexibility in the rules used allows us to categorize texts where the precision level is key.

We provide several categorization models related to Voice of the Customer in several domains, Voice of the Employee in some of its most used scenarios, Intention Analysis, Emotion Recognition and IAB 2.0, a contextual advertising taxonomy.

You can also implement your own categorization criteria by creating your own deep categorization models.


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Version Date Status
1.0 04/November/2020

1.0.17 (04/November/2020)

  • The IAB 2.0 Tier 3 model has been published in English.

1.0.16 (10/September/2020)

  • Resources have been updated.

1.0.15 (20/November/2019)

  • Minor bugs have been fixed in the Emotion Recognition and IAB 2.0 models.

1.0.14 (28/October/2019)

1.0.13 (21/October/2019)

  • Improvements have been added for performance and version management of models.
  • Minor bugs have been fixed.
  • Resources have been updated.

1.0.12 (17/June/2019)

  • Resources have been updated.
  • Minor bugs have been fixed.

1.0.11 (08/May/2019)

  • The product dimension in the VoC Retail models has been improved.
  • Minor bugs have been fixed.

1.0.10 (29/April/2019)

1.0.9 (26/March/2019)

  • Minor bugs have been fixed in all predefined models.

1.0.8 (21/February/2019)

  • IAB 2.0 models have been updated.

1.0.7 (22/January/2019)

1.0.6 (12/December/2018)

  • New models added for Intention Analysis.

1.0.5 (06/November/2018)

  • Improvements added to IAB 2.0.
  • Resources have been updated.

1.0.4 (31/May/2018)

  • Minor bugs have been fixed.
  • Resources have been updated.

1.0.3 (12/April/2018)

  • Improvements added to the relevance of the models, computing the value with respect to the global top result or with respect to the dimension top result, depending on the type of model.
  • Fix added to the terms detection and to the order of the categories at the output to improve coherence.
  • Resources have been updated.

1.0.2 (19/March/2018)

  • The IAB 2.0 model has been published both in English and Spanish.
  • Issues with duplicated terms in the output have been fixed.

1.0.1 (18/January/2018)

  • The terms shown for category detection have been improved.
  • Minor bugs have been fixed.

1.0 (13/November/2017)

  • Initial version.

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  • Spanish


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