Voice of the Employee (Exit Interview)

Voice of the employee (VoE) is a term similar to Voice of the Customer, and it is used to describe the in-depth process of analyzing the feedback provided by employees for different aspects of the work life with the objective of improving engagement and productivity.

The following model focuses on the exit interviews of the employees who are going to leave or have left the organization. The relevance given for the categories in this model is computed with respect to the top ranked result. Below you can find the categories defined in English and Spanish:

Code Label Description
JobOfferJob offerJob offer
JobOffer>BetterSalaryBetter salaryBetter salary
JobOffer>BetterWorkLifeBalanceBetter work/life balanceBetter work/life balance
JobOffer>ProfessionalImprovementProfessional improvementProfessional improvement
LeaveOfAbsenceLeave of absenceLeave of absence
NewExperienceNew experienceNew experience
NewExperience>LanguageLearningLanguage learningLanguage learning
NewExperience>WorkAbroadWork abroadWork abroad
PersonalReasonsPersonal reasonsPersonal reasons
PoliciesPracticesPolicies and practicesPolicies and practices
WorkEnvironmentWork environmentWork environment
Workload>LackOfWorkLack of workLack of work
Code Label Description
JobOfferOferta de trabajoJob offer
JobOffer>BetterSalaryMejor salarioBetter salary
JobOffer>BetterWorkLifeBalanceMejor conciliación de la vida laboral y familiarBetter work/life balance
JobOffer>ProfessionalImprovementCrecimiento profesionalProfessional improvement
LeaveOfAbsenceExcedenciaLeave of absence
NewExperienceNueva experienciaNew experience
NewExperience>LanguageLearningAprendizaje de idiomasLanguage learning
NewExperience>WorkAbroadTrabajar en el extranjeroWork abroad
PersonalReasonsMotivos personalesPersonal reasons
PoliciesPracticesPolíticas y prácticasPolicies and practices
WorkEnvironmentAmbiente laboralWork environment
WorkloadCarga de trabajoWorkload
Workload>LackOfWorkFalta de trabajoLack of work