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Corporate Reputation - Console


The access key is required for making requests to any of our web services.


Output format



Input text that's going to be analyzed.


The text format parameter specifies if the text included in the txt parameter uses markup language that needs to be interpreted.

Operating Parameters


Classification model to use.


The user dictionary allows to include user-defined entities and concepts in the sentiment analysis.

To create your own dictionary, just go to our customization engine.


This parameter indicates how reliable the text to analyze is (as far as spelling, typography, etc. are concerned), and influences how strict the engine will be when it comes to take these factors into account in the analysis.

  • n: disabled (default)
  • a: enabled for all resources
  • u: enabled just for user dictionary


Deal with inferences. This feature adds a stage to the entities extractions in which the engine tries to infere knowledge: on the one hand, it tries to resolve correferences and on the other hand, it tries to establish a relationship between companies and products in order to improve categorization.

  • y: enabled
  • n: disabled (default)