MeaningCloud's language packs provide support to MeaningCloud's services in different languages not included in the Standard language pack we provide for all our subscriptions.

To be able to use any of these packs you need to have access to them. There are two possible ways to do this:

  • Requesting the 30 day free trial period that we offer for all our packs.
  • Subscribing to the pack you are interested in.

To start the trial period of any of the packs, you just have to log into MeaningCloud and find the corresponding 'Start trial' button in the sections below.

If you have already tried the pack and you want to keep using it, you will need to subscribe to it. In the same way you can choose which plan you want to subscribe depending on the credits, rate limit and resources you need, all the public packs are now included in the upgrade process.

The Nordic pack includes languages used in countries from Northern Europe, also known as North Germanic languages. The languages included in this pack are:


In the following table we detail the services for which these languages are available, the level of coverage for each one of them and if they are available from any of our integrations.

Service Languages Integrations Comments
Danish Swedish Norwegian Finnish
Topic Extraction Partial coverage Covers the detection of entities, time, money and quantity expressions.
Text Clustering Full coverage
Text Classification Partial coverage User-defined models available
Sentiment Analysis Full coverage

You can learn more about the languages we support in the supported languages section.

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