MeaningCloud for Google Sheets is an add-on for Google Sheets that allows you to easily embed our text analytics functionality into spreadsheets.

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MeaningCloud Add-on for Google Sheets

These are the current APIs integrated into the add-in:

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Version Date Status
1.1 26/March/2019

1.1.2 (26/March/2019)

  • Sentintiment Analysis now supports the languages included in the Nordic pack.
  • Sentiment models listed are now filtered by language compatibility.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

1.1.1 (14/February/2019)

  • The addon now also includes an integration with the Deep Categorization API, enabling you to categorize your texts there with all the models we provide.
  • The model selection in Text Classification has been improved.
  • The error management has been improved and error messages are now more user-friendly.
  • Minor bugs fixed.
1.0 27/September/2018

1.0 (27/September/2018)

  • Initial version.

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APIs Included

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