MeaningCloud for Excel is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that allows you to easily embed our text analytics functonality into your spreadsheet.

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Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher
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MeaningCloud Add-in for Excel

These are the current APIs integrated in the add-in:

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Version Date Status
3.1 20/September/2016 (20/September/2016)

  • Bug fixed so Sentiment Analysis can be used also in Catalan, Portuguese and Italian with user defined models. (13/June/2016) (07/April/2016)

  • The add-in now uses the Sentiment Analysis 2.1 and allows to use user sentiment models in your analysis.
  • The MeaningCloud environment used can be configured so it can be used against on-premise solutions.
  • A bug associated to the selection of combined cells has been fixed.
3.0 02/January/2016 (02/January/2016)

  • Bug fixed in updates check with proxy connection. (22/December/2015)

  • The add-in now uses the Topics Extraction 2.0.
  • Text Clustering has beean added.
  • The latest classification models published (Social Media and IAB) have been added to the Text Classification functionality.
  • General usability has been improved by:
    • An additional configurability option has been added to avoid combining cells in the output and provide flexibility in analyses over the results.
    • Empty cells are now ignored instead of printing an error.
    • Slightly modifying data input for IDs.
    • The add-in remembers from on run to the next the last analysis settings used.
  • We've added the sense ID of the entities and concepts detected in the Sentiment Analysis output.
2.1 09/September/2015 (09/September/2015)

  • The relative relevance has been added as an output field in Text Classification.
  • The Sense ID of entities and concepts has been added to the output of Topics Extraction.
  • A bug in the feature-level analysis has been fixed (incorrect offset for texts without concepts or entities). (15/June/2015)

  • The add-in now uses the Sentiment Analysis 2.0.
  • Support for user dictionaries in Topics Extraction has been added.
  • Issues with rate limit have been fixed.
  • A new button to check if the add-in is up to date has been added.

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