The ontology section is where you will be able to check the ontology formed by the entries you have in your dictionary. The values mapped in the ontology are the one specified in the semantic information of the entry through the subattribute type inside the attribute sementity.

This value can be hierarchical. Each level will be separated through '>', and there will always a parent node for the whole ontology called Top. This node will be transparent to the user, and it will be automatically added when the information is saved.

For instance, if you add an entity with the ontology type Person>BoardMembers>CEO, this would the nodes that would appear in the ontology associated to the dictionary:

Ontology nodes

This is how the ontology associated to the example model looks:

Example model ontology


This view is just a way to see the taxonomy that has been defined through the entries in the dictionary. Any editing in the ontology must be done through the entries editing.