1. Get your license key!

Create an account to start using Meaningcloud and receive a free license key. It only takes a minute!

2. Download any of our integrations

If you do not want to program, we've got you!

Download our any of the available integrations and start getting analysis without coding! Our Excel add-in is very popular, although you can also work with the GATE Plugin or the RapidMiner Extension.

2. Use the APIs directly

Our text analytics services are available through APIs.

For each of our APIs we provide a test console to check the results for the different parameters before getting to code, as well as clients in different programming languages to get you started.

3. Customize your analyses

Learn how to adapt our text analytics engine to your own use case.

Build your own classification models, tweak the sentiment analysis for maximun accuracy or extend our topic ontology to extract exactly what you want.

Still not sure of how exactly text analytics can apply to you? Check out Text Analytics & MeaningCloud 101 in our blog or just write us telling us about your scenario, and we'll be happy to help you.