Download and install

Follow these steps to setup the MeaningCloud Add-on for Google Sheets in your Google Drive environment and start working.

Installing the add-on

First, get MeaningCloud's add-on from the Google Web Store. In order to do it, open your spreadsheet and click on Add-ons>Get add-ons..., or just access the add-on directly.

    Get add-ons...

This will lead you to a dialog that allows you to search for add-ons in Google's web store. To find MeaningCloud's add-on, just use the search box on the upper-right corner.

Once you've found it, install it by clicking on the "+ Free" button that appears when you hover over it. For the add-on to work correctly, you will need to give it access to some sections of your Google account. Just click on ALLOW to finish the installation.

MeaningCloud's Add-on access privileges

If you go back to your spreadsheet and click on Add-ons, MeaningCloud's add-on should appear listed.


MeaningCloud's add-on can be removed as any other add-on in Google Sheets: just go to Add-ons and click on Manage add-ons.... Find the add-on you want to remove from the list and then click on the Manage button: you will be shown a list of options, including Remove.