User interface

In this section we are going to explain in detail the different features included in this add-in. We will see the analyses that can be carried out, and the user interfaces involved both in the analysis process and in its configuration.

This is the ribbon that will appear in Excel 365 once the MeaningCloud Add-in for Excel has been successfully loaded:

MeaningCloud Add-in Ribbon

There are two main sections in the ribbon:

  • Analysis, with the different analyses that can be carried out over the data.
  • Miscellanea, with the settings and other relevant links and information.

The following table explains the functionality of each one of the buttons:

User interface

Section Button Functionality
Text Classification icon
Classify text

Integrates the functionality provided by the Text Classification API. It allows to select which model to use to classify the chosen texts, including user-defined models.

Check Text Classification for more in-depth information.

Sentiment Analysis icon
Analyze sentiment

Integrates the functionality provided by the Sentiment Analysis API. It extracts from a given text its polarity and subjectivity; the polarity is provided in two formats, a numeric value and a tag.

Check Sentiment Analysis for more in-depth information.

Language Identification icon
Identify language

Integrates the functionality provided by the Language Identification API. It detects the language of the text analyzed.

Check Language Identification for more in-depth information.

Topics Extraction icon
Extract topics

Integrates the functionality provided by the Topics Extraction API. It extracts topics of different types from the text analyzed.

Check Topics Extraction for more in-depth information.

Text Clustering icon
Cluster texts

Integrates the functionality provided by the Text Clustering API. It allows automatic clustering of documents.

Check Text Clustering for more in-depth information.

Deep Categorization icon
Categorize texts

Integrates the functionality provided by the Deep Categorization API. It performs in-depth rule-based categorization using lexical, morphological and semantic information.

Check Deep Categorization for more in-depth information.

Settings icon

Settings of the add-in. This includes the license key configuration, general settings that apply to all analyses, and specific options for each one of the analysis.

Check Settings for more in-depth information.

About icon
About Us

Basic information about the add-in, including which version it is.

Help icon

Link to the online documentation and the contact form used to report bugs or provide support for any of our products.