Using a model in your application

Once you have built and tested the model for your purposes, you can include it into your application’s categorization system.

Your newly-created model can be used through MeaningCloud's Deep Categorization API easily by using the model's name in the model parameter.


The request to Deep Categorization API must be made by entering the API key of the user who created the model into the key parameter. Otherwise, error 201 will be produced:

  • Model not supported.

If you are just starting to integrate MeaningCloud into your application, we provide SDKs in different languages as well as client examples to make the request to the API and obtain the categorization.

For those of you that are not integrating the requests to Deep Categorization in your application, there are a number of integrations that enable you to easily obtain the categorization results returned by your model. Deep Categorization can currently be integrated using any of the following:

In all these integrations, the models available for the configured license key are shown. Once you've defined a deep categorization model, it will be listed and you will be able to use it.