Automatically generate summaries of any document


The Summarization API allows you to summarize the meaning of a document, extracting its most relevant sentences. Use it to make your processes more efficient by deciding which documents are the most interesting without reading all their contents.

MeaningCloud’s Summarization API

In this age of overabundance of information and lack of time we would all like to have a tool to help separate the wheat from the chaff, something that succinctly provides the most relevant information contained in each document, so that you know whether to give it a more in-depth reading or put it aside.

MeaningCloud’s Summarization API does just that: locates the most relevant phrases in a document and builds a synopsis with them, so that you can quickly understand its ideas without having to read it in its entirety. It’s also flexible, since you can specify the number of phrases you want the abstract to contain.

This way of distilling the meaning of a document complements the topic extraction and theme identification provided by other MeaningCloud APIs.

Automatic summarization applications

Automatic summaries are useful in scenarios involving a large amount of documentation from which you need to quickly extract the meaning to focus on the most relevant parts.

Content publishing

For the media and other publishers, the ability to automatically provide summaries of all their content allows readers and visitors to focus on the information that interests them most, increasing quality of service and engagement.

Knowledge management

Where knowledge of the organization materializes in thousands of documents in several languages, being able to extract automatic summaries enables you to manage and exploit them better.

Media monitoring

When you need to monitor hundreds of information sources, both traditional and social, automatic generation of summaries allows you to focus on relevant documents and be more efficient.

Highlights of the Summarization API

We have done everything possible to make this API just as powerful as it is easy to use.


It works regardless of the language the text is written in.


It selects the most relevant sentences to express the most meaningful information of the text in its own terms.


You can specify the number of phrases you want the summary to contain, adjusting how condensed the summary is.

Flexible and easy to integrate

It supports various formats, and its standard interface allows for easy integration with any application.