Get full control over your text analytics with our in-house deployment options

Although the most common way of using MeaningCloud is by consuming its cloud-based APIs, certain confidentiality, control and regulatory compliance requirements may make an in-house installation of the software advisable. .

MeaningCloud's on-premise deployment options provide you with maximum management, privacy and performance capabilities and the most flexible licensing possibilities.

MeaningCloud: flexible SaaS and on-premises deployment options

MeaningCloud applies an open API philosophy that facilitates integration and lends itself naturally to a cloud deployment and service mode offering. Our cloud infrastructure allows MeaningCloud's SaaS mode to offer high performance in terms of availability and security, successfully meeting current market demand.

However, there are always customers that for different circumstances require that the software they use is installed, managed and maintained within their organization. For these companies MeaningCloud offers -as a complement to its SaaS delivery method- an on-premises deployment option. MeaningCloud's in-house solution provides the control and validation over third party products that is required in diverse regulated businesses.

MeaningCloud's on-premises solution

MeaningCloud's on-premises solution allows the installation of the software on a variety of in-house servers and on a private cloud. The minimum requirements to support MeaningCloud are:

  • 64-bit architecture
  • 8 CPUs/vCPUs @ 2GHz
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 20 GB hard disk

Installation can be done on physical machines or virtual machines, and deployed in Docker containers. The operating system must be Ubuntu or RedHat Linux.

We also offer configurations to accommodate the most demanding performance and availability requirements:

  • Multiserver, including load balancing
  • With high availability
  • For disaster recovery

Our on-premises solution is very easy to deploy: once the hardware and software infrastructure is in place, you just have to download the MeaningCloud software from our website and activate it with the corresponding keys for each license.

Licensing of the on-premises option

The on-premises solution follows a customised pricing model based on perpetual licences. The total price depends on the software modules (APIs) to be used, the number of processors on which it runs and the high availability or disaster recovery configuration. Perpetual licenses are complemented by an annual license maintenance service, which includes bug fixes, version updates and technical support.

We also offer pricing based on subscription licenses, which are limited in duration. These licenses include the maintenance service for the duration of the license.

If you would like to receive more information, please contact our sales department.

When to opt for an on-premises deployment

MeaningCloud's SaaS alternative provides excellent performance in terms of availability and privacy and is continuously updated but in some cases it may not be enough. Use the on-premises solution if you want to keep a total control of your installation and get advantages in:


For high volumes, the price of on-premises can be lower in the long run.

Data control and privacy

With the on-premises option your data does not leave your intranet, which provides a more secure environment.

Response time

Break free from the latency and bandwidth limitations imposed by the access to a public cloud, connecting at the speed of your LAN.


Protect yourself from any possible outage of the SaaS provider or the Internet access.


Apply a custom deployment to get the capacity you want.

Access to the most advanced functionality

Use the latest functionality of the MeaningCloud product or custom developments that are not yet available in the SaaS version.


Decide when to update your software and apply the new versions at the best time for you.


Remove potential barriers to integration by keeping all your software within your network.

Optimized infrastructure

Govern your hardware and software platform according to your own needs and policies.

Regulatory compliance

Verify more easily your regulatory requirements thanks to the full control over the environment.