Social Media Analytics helps you get the most out of what is being said about your company

When you need to exhaustively analyze information coming from diverse multilingual channels (social networks, mass media) in real time, human processing is not scalable enough.

Analyze mentions, topics, opinions and facts in all kinds of media

The vast majority of content published in social media (e.g. networks, blogs, and forums) and traditional media (e.g. newspapers) is not structured, making it difficult to exploit and analyze. Social Media Analytics leverages semantic technology to automatically "understand" the structure and meaning of news and social conversations (far beyond a simple aggregation of mentions) and extracts the most actionable bits of information. All this returns more consistent results than human analysis at infinitely greater speed and volumes.

Among other applications, these tools enables you to do the following:

Monitoring and engagement in social media

Discover and develop conversations with your clients in social media, directing them to the most appropriate department of your organization.

Early detection of threats and emergencies

Monitor all sorts of social media in real time to detect emergencies and threats to safety or reputation in advance.

Press clipping

Don't miss any mention of your brand or company in the media, and automatically extract the context to perform analyses.

Focused marketing

Profile users and analyze conversations and content to locate your marketing information that is most relevant according to your audience's context, behavior, and attitude.

Analysis of the Voice of the Customer, Voter, Citizen, etc.

Discover your clients' opinions of your brands, citizens' satisfaction with public services, or political concerns and voting trends.

Identification of trends

Identify emerging issues and who has the leading role in the conversation within your market.

Who can benefit

Social Media Analytics helps not only producers of monitoring tools, but also communication agencies and corporate users in numerous industries.

Media Analysis - developers

Developers of monitoring, media analysis and social CRM tools

Semantic analysis technologies enable developers to extend their products' services and offer the possibility to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Media Analysis - agencies

Communication agencies and press clipping services

Automatic analysis allows these organizations to provide their customers with quicker, more complete, and more adaptable services while improving their cost structure.

Media Analysis - clients

Corporate clients

All types of companies and organizations can integrate this functionality into their processes to develop specific solutions for analyzing corporate reputation, detecting emergency alerts, and more.

Recommended products for Social Media Analytics

MeaningCloud provides a set of APIs and plug-ins specifically designed for Media Analysis scenarios:

Sentiment Analysis API

Perform the most advanced opinion mining, including aspect-based polarity, objectivity/subjectivity distinction, discernment of disagreement, and irony detection.

Text Classification API

Categorize media contents using standard taxonomies (e.g. IPTC) or others tailored to your business.

Add-in for Excel

Classify, extract key elements and analyze opinions in articles, posts or tweets directly from your favorite spreadsheet program.

Media Analysis API *

Obtain a complete semantic tagging of media content (topics, themes, sentiment, etc) with a single call to this powerful API.

These are just a few of the MeaningCloud products recommended for Media Analysis scenarios, but there are more: be sure to have a look at our catalog.

Advantages of MeaningCloud for Social Media Analysis

MeaningCloud's Media Analytics products bring together our expertise in projects for this industry and provide services for topic extraction, classification and opinion analysis. The following are some of the features we offer:

Advanced sentiment analysis

Including polarity by appearance and detection of potentially contradictory expressions.

Unambiguous name detection

Don't mix up Barcelona the city with the Barcelona football team. This feature identifies names of companies, products, brands or people according to the context.


Add dictionaries, classification models and sentiment vocabularies according to your needs.


Apply the same analysis criteria to all content and avoid any discrepancies that may arise from a processing done by multiple human users.

Optimized for Twitter

Designed to understand both the formal language of the news and Twitter's informal and abbreviated one, in several languages.