Discover your customers’ intention

Knowing someone's intention is key to opening up the possibility of a personalized service, be it to sell a product or to provide assistance. MeaningCloud’s Intention Analysis Pack provides a convenient way to automatically detect intent throughout a customer journey and embed it into our processes and decisions.

MeaningCloud’s Intention Analysis Vertical Pack

Typical text analytics tasks enable us to detect mentions, categories, sentiment... using a type of analysis primarily focused on what has already happened. But would it not be extremely useful to apply their extensive automatic analysis capabilities to discover what is going to happen? To a certain extent predict the future, even if it is the most immediate one?

Analysis consists of determining the purpose or what the author of a certain text intends to do with their message: to become informed, purchase a product, request assistance, complain, or make a cancellation... Detecting the intention allows us to offer a personalized service to customers -transfer their messages, provide them with targeted information, make them a retention offer - with the highest probability of involvement and favorable response.

As an example, some studies have shown that a social media ad presented to a user who expresses the intention to buy a certain product has a click-through rate close to 10% (whilst, the typical click-through rate of display advertising is around 0.01%: approximately 1,000 times lower).

A model for Intention Analysis

The Intention Analysis Pack includes a granular categorization model that identifies various intentions throughout a customer journey:

  • Information: the customer needs generic information.
  • Advice: the customer requires specific information.
  • Purchase: the customer will buy or subscribe to a product or service.
  • Support: the customer is experiencing problems and needs assistance.
  • Recommendation: the customer recommends a product or service.
  • Complaint: the customer expresses disagreement or dissatisfaction.
  • Cancellation: the customer plans to cancel the service.

This model is executed in conjunction with our Deep Categorization API, which provides a granular classification of text based on MeaningCloud’s powerful morphosyntactic and semantic analysis.

Intention Analysis is an extraordinary tool if you want to elevate your customer experience.

Benefits of intention analysis

The Intention Analysis Pack allows you to analyze comments from surveys, social media, call transcripts, emails, chats, etc. to understand the sender’s purpose. Consequently, this pack adds value in multiple scenarios, including

Discovering business opportunities

Detect signals of interest or purchase intention to respond with targeted information and offers that increase interaction and response.

Serving customer better

Identify request for advice and support to route and handle customers more effectively, thus increasing satisfaction.

Retaining customers

Detect dissatisfaction and imminent attrition to prevent and avoid these situations, in turn increasing retention and reducing churn.

Boosting recommendation

Identify situations of satisfaction and recommendation to amplify them through different channels, thus enhancing positive reference and word of mouth.

Advantages of the Intention Analysis Pack: the shortest time-to-benefit


You can start using this Vertical Pack to analyze Intention immediately, without having to develop your own models.

Valuable insights

It includes specific models for Intention analysis, to detect the purpose in each phase of the customer journey: will they become further informed, purchase a product, request assistance, make a recommendation or a cancellation?


Available in English and Spanish (and soon in other languages).

Accessible and easy to use

Integrate it into your applications and embed it into your processes through our standard APIs.

Continuously updated

MeaningCloud continuously evolves its Packs, to improve them and update them in order to meet new market requirements.


Using the Pack costs a fraction of the price of developing your custom models and plus you can stop using it whenever you want.