The easiest way to analyze unstructured employee feedback

The Voice of the Employee gathers the needs, wishes, and preferences of the employees of an organization. If you need to analyze this input in a powerful and flexible way, our Voice of the Employee (VoE) Vertical Pack allows you to do it with the push of a button.

Its predefined models provide text analytics focused on the Voice of the Employee that provides actionable insights and maximum precision. And its specific add-in for Excel gives you the easiest access to this functionality.

MeaningCloud Voice of the Employee (VoE) Vertical Pack

Listening to the Voice of the Employee through systematic collection, management, and action on the feedback of those employees about a variety of relevant issues is essential. VoE programs typically use various methods to collect and analyze that feedback, including surveys such as eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score), exit interviews, performance appraisals, employee forums, social networks, and focus groups. In these methods, open responses and sources and unstructured information hold more and more weight, because they invite greater freedom, sincerity, and spontaneity in expression.

Text analytics provides a quick and affordable way to mine this entire volume of data. But to do so while maintaining high quality, your analytical models must be designed to extract significant insights in a Voice of the Employee context.

For those who do not have the time and resources to develop their own models for analysis of the Voice of the Employee, MeaningCloud offers its VoE Pack, which consists of a series of pre-prepared categorization models that cover a large percentage of the requirements for the following contexts: analysis of performance appraisals, surveys, exit interviews, etc.

Semantic resources

Predefined categorization models

Powerful APIs

Deep Categorization

Excel integration

Application-specific add-in

The VoE models are executed on our Deep Categorization API, the new MeaningCloud technology to achieve high-precision granular categorization.

The VoE Pack provides a fast, simple, high-quality and affordable way to analyze unstructured employee feedback. Their models are already available in several languages ​​and for several contexts and can be used through the MeaningCloud APIs and its add-in for Excel that gives access to these specific models, APIs, and analyses.

If you are a Human Resources executive and you have thousands of comments to analyze, sign up to MeaningCloud, download our add-in for Excel, paste your verbatims in a spreadsheet, press the corresponding MeaningCloud button, and you will see how your comments are automatically tagged with meaningful categories for the analysis of the Voice of the Employee.

Available models

Currently the MeaningCloud VoE Pack includes the following models:

VoE Performance Review

Performance appraisals are used to assess the abilities and skills of employees. In particular, 360° assessments are currently the most popular tool for measuring performance. The VoE Performance Review model allows you to analyze the open text comments in these evaluations in order to identify skills such as adaptability, cooperation, commitment, and leadership.

VoE Organization

This model focuses on the opinions of employees about the organization and the different aspects of working in it. The model includes categories such as the work environment, management, human relations, remuneration, and opportunities offered by the organization, and it allows you to analyze opinions that usually appear in the open questions in employee surveys and the Employee Net Promoter Score, forums, and social networks.

VoE Exit Interview

Exit interviews are held between an HR staff member and an employee who leaves the company. By including categories related to the offer of new working conditions, the search for professional experiences, and the work environment this model can help you discover the reasons people leave the company and act on them.

Advantages of the VoE Pack: the shortest time-to-benefit


You can start using this Vertical Pack to analyze the Voice of the Employee immediately, without having to develop your own models.

Valuable insights

It incorporates specific multidimensional models for Voice of the Employee analysis to provide the most useful information in each case: skills, abilities, working conditions, reasons for abandonment, and more.

Multi-scenario and multi-language

Available in versions for the analysis of performance appraisals, surveys, exit interviews in English and Spanish ​​(and soon in other languages).

Accessible and easy to use

Use it directly from its add-in for Excel or embed it into your applications through our standard APIs.

Continuously updated

MeaningCloud continuously evolves its Packs, to improve them and update them to meet new market requirements.


Using the Packs costs a fraction of the price of developing your custom models, and you can stop using them whenever you want.