Text analytics embedded into your Google Sheet spreadsheet

  • Do you need to analyze unstructured content but don't want to deal with complicated tools or program APIs? In that case our add-on for Google Sheets is designed for you.
  • Now you can extract automatically the meaning from tweets, social posts, opinions in forums, surveys, news, conversations in contact centers and other multilingual content.
  • Extract mentions of people, companies or brands, perform sentiment analysis and classify by topics from the comfort of your spreadsheet and without programming.
  • Easy to install and use...and FREE.

Identify precisely what/who the text is about

Identify what people, companies, brands... are mentioned in each comment. Identify the appearance of all types of named entities, abstract concepts, money amounts and time expressions. Incorporate your own dictionaries and detect unambiguously (depending on the context, find out if "Madrid" refers to a city or to a football club).

Classify using predefined or custom categories

Associate each document with one or more categories from a previously defined set (taxonomy). Identify the theme of a comment or to which department of your company it is related. Use pre-integrated standard taxonomies (e.g. IPTC classification for news) or create customized ones.

Customize it according to your needs

Using MeaningCloud tools you can incorporate your own entities, create your classification and sentiment models and adapt the functioning of the system to your scenario.

Multilingual and multi-platform

Analyze your content in MeaningClou'd six basic languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan)... and many more optional languages that are part of our Language Packs. And use it in the cloud from any platform.

The easiest way to perform text mining

Without needing to learn to use new tools or program APIs. One-click install. Explore, evaluate and use MeaningCloud without effort or costs, and access its advanced functions: sentiment analysis, text clustering, etc.

Fully integrated into your Google Sheets experience

Combine in your spreadsheet structured data analysis with unstructured content. Analyze, visualize and share as any Google Sheets spreadsheet. If you can use a spreadsheet you already know text analytics.