The fastest way to adapt text analytics to your application

Developers often need to adapt text analytics to their applications to get more actionable insights, but they do not have sufficient resources or time.

Using predefined models, dictionaries, and integrations, MeaningCloud Vertical Packs offer a path with minimal cost and risk to achieve text analytics adapted to diverse applications and industries such as Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee, Banking, Insurance, Retail, and more.

MeaningCloud Vertical Packs

The more that semantic text analysis is adjusted to the application scenario (extraction of relevant topics, assignment of categories that represent the domain, etc.), the more precise and actionable the insights. To that end, MeaningCloud provides tools that allow users to easily adapt the engine operations to the client's scenario.

But what happens when you do not have the time and resources to make this adaptation? MeaningCloud Vertical Packs are specifically designed for that situation and provide a fast, affordable, and risk-free way to perform an application-specific semantic analysis.

The Packs consist of a series of pre-prepared resources (dictionaries, deep categorization models, sentiment models) focused on a set of typical scenarios (analysis of the Voice of the Customer, the Voice of the Employee, etc.) that are ready for immediate use and provide improved accuracy, recall and relevance.

In addition to being accessible from the corresponding MeaningCloud APIs, all this functionality is available through their own add-ins for Excel, which include application- specific analysis and multiply its accessibility.

MeaningCloud Vertical Packs are:

Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer (VoC)

A set of models designed to easily analyze the unstructured feedback that customers provide through various channels (surveys, contact center interactions, social media, etc.), both with a general scope and for several industries such as banking, insurance, and retail. The Pack also includes a specific add-in for Excel. More information, demo.

Voice of the Employee

Voice of the Employee (VoE)

Easily analyze the opinions, evaluations, and comments of employees in various situations (as in performance evaluations, feedback on the organization, and exit interviews) using our predefined model pack. The Pack also includes a specific add-in for Excel. More information, demo.


Intention Analysis

Analyze comments from surveys, social media, call transcripts, emails, chats, etc. to understand the intention in a customer journey: Information, Advice, Purchase, Support, Recommendation, Complaint, Cancellation. More information.


Emotion Recognition

Analyze all kinds of unstructured content to automatically recognize emotions expressed in the text: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, Confidence, Disgust, Anticipation, Surprise. More information.

Financial Industry

Financial Industry

Automatically understand the language of finance thanks to the industry-related concepts included in FIBO's standard vocabulary.More information.


Healthcare (coming soon)

Automatically understand the language of health and pharmacy (symptoms, diseases, medicines, treatments, and more) thanks to a set of dictionaries that implement industry standard vocabularies: MedDRA, UMLS, CIMA, ATC, and IDC. Demo.

If you need more information about these Packs consult the documentation or send an email to

Vertical Pack advantages: the shortest time-to-benefit


You can start using Vertical Packs immediately, without having to develop your own models.

Valuable insights

They incorporate domain-specific multidimensional models to provide the most useful information in each case.


Currently available in English and Spanish, and soon in other languages.

Accessible and easy to use

Use them directly from our add-in for Excel or embed them into your applications through our standard APIs.

Continuously updated

MeaningCloud continuously evolves its Packs, to improve them and update them to meet new market requirements.


Using the Packs costs a fraction of the price of developing your custom models, and you can stop using them whenever you want.