Distill customer insights from interactions with clients

For companies, it is vital to understand the feedback that their customers -current and potential- express through all types of channels and contact points. That is why brands are extending their Voice of the Customer (VoC) initiatives to a new territory of unsolicited and unstructured content: comments on surveys, call center verbatims, Twitter... Only automatic processing enables to perform this analysis with the the necessary characteristics of quality, volume, response time and homogeneity.

Easily incorporate unstructured and spontaneous comments to the analysis of the Voice of the Customer

The range, the immediacy and the "emotional" aspect of new channels (e.g., social media) make them an impressive source of raw materials for obtaining valuable insights and managing customer experience (CX).

Our vision at MeaningCloud is that VoC initiatives can benefit from the massive and quick treatment of unstructured information provided by text mining and sentiment analysis technologies. Currently, semantic analysis software tools enable to extract the meaning of all the company's interactions with its customers and markets. Thus, conversations by email, phone and social media can add to the equation of the analysis of the VoC and the management of customer experience, to bring all their range and spontaneity. Among other applications, these tools enable the following ones:

Analysis of surveys

Process the literal answers to the open-ended questions of your surveys without worrying about their amount and with a fast response time.

Mining Contact Center interactions

Turn the verbatims of your clients' interactions via telephone or email into a structured database in order to generate reports, detect correlations or analyze trends.

Customer journey and buying signals

Identify in which phase of the customer journey a user is (consideration, purchase, loyalty...) and detect potential buying or churn signals to take immediate action.

User profiling

Get a 360-degree profile of your clients, incorporating demographic information, behavior and attitudes, from their online conversations and interactions with the company.

Online Corporate Reputation

Use all kinds of on-line content to assess in real time the impact that news, blogs, tweets, etc. have on the dimensions of your corporate reputation.

Brand identity and perception

Discover the attributes that define your brand as they are expressed in the content generated spontaneously by users and in the one published by the company itself.

Who can benefit

The technologies for the automatic analysis of the Voice of the Customer help not only producers of marketing tools, but also companies engaged in market analysis and customer experience management, and corporate users in various industries.
VoC, social media monitoring and CRM tools

Manufacturers of VoC, social media monitoring and CRM tools

Semantic analysis technologies enable them to incorporate their clients' unstructured feedback coming from traditional channels (telephone, email, surveys) and the spontaneous one from social media.

Providers of market research and customer experience management (CX) services

The automatic analysis enables them to provide their customers with more complete and high-value services (e.g. customer journey, brand perception), adaptable and in real time, at the same time improving their cost structure.
Corporate clients

Corporate clients

In all kinds of industries, especially in those with a large number of users (e.g. banking and insurance, telco, utilities...), these tools enable to extend the reach of the Voice of the Customer initiatives to unstructured and unsolicited comments.

Recommended products for analyzing the Voice of the Customer

MeaningCloud provides a set of APIs and plug-ins specifically designed for the analysis of the Voice of the Customer:

Sentiment Analysis API

Perform the most advanced opinion mining, including aspect-oriented polarity, distinction between objectivity/subjectivity, detection of disagreement or irony.

Voice of the Customer (VoC) Vertical Pack

Use its predefined models and Excel integrations to easily generate and consume VoC insights according to different dimensions: product, service, quality, satisfaction…

Emotion Recognition Vertical Pack

Automatically recognize emotions expressed in the text: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, Confidence, Disgust, Anticipation, Surprise.

Intention Analysis Vertical Pack

Identify the stage in a customer journey: Information, Advice, Purchase, Support, Recommendation, Complaint, Cancellation.

These are just a few of the MeaningCloud products recommended for Voice of the Customer scenarios. Be sure to have a look at our catalog.

Advantages of MeaningCloud for analyzing the Voice of the Customer

MeaningCloud's products aimed at the analysis of the Voice of the Customer gather our expertise in projects for this industry and provide services for topic extraction, classification and opinion analysis. These are some of their features:

Advanced sentiment analysis

Including aspect-oriented polarity and detection of possible contradictory expressions.


High-level functionality application-optimized: use the Corporate Reputation or Trends Detection (beta) APIs for obtaining maximum productivity in your developments.


Add dictionaries, classification models and sentiment vocabularies according to your needs.

Disambiguation of entities

Unambiguous detection of names of companies, products, brands, people... depending on the context. Do not confuse again the city of Barcelona with the football team.


Apply the same analysis criteria to all contents and avoid any divergence that may arise from a processing made by various human users.

Ready for Twitter

Designed to understand both the formal language of the news and Twitter's informal and abbreviated one, in several languages.

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