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Everyone is doing text analytics: what about you? If you want to try it without paying for it, MeaningCloud is your solution! Get free access to each and every one of the APIs:
topics extraction, text classification, sentiment analysis and many more!

What do you get for free?

MeaningCloud offers a solution for every situation. Whether you want to perform text analytics as a start-up, a professional, a business, an enterprise or simply use it for free, MeaningCloud contemplates your case. But what exactly do you get for free? Everything! You get access to every APIs, integration within other tools and even customization options.

The free version includes 20,000 requests per month to the APIs at a rate of 2 requests per second, along with the technical support you may need. With each request to the APIs, you may analyze up until 500 words. These limits are the only difference among the plans offered since all of them include the following features:

  • Public APIs: tackle every aspect of text analytics with APIs specialized in topic extraction, text classification, sentiment analysis, language identification, lemmatization and parsing, corporate reputation, text clustering, automatic summarization or document structure analysis.
  • Premium APIs: try for 30 days our deep categorization API using the predefined models for analyzing the Voice f the Customer of the Voice of the Employee.
  • Integrations: embed our text analytics functionality as an extension or add-in. MeaningCloud is available for Excel, GATE, and RapidMiner.
  • Customization: get the most out of MeaningCloud by customizing your solution according to your needs. Choose from different classification models, dictionaries and sentiment models. In particular, within the free version, you can benefit from one classification model with 10 categories, one dictionary with 100 entries and one sentiment model with 30 entries.

Create your account and start enjoying what MeaningCloud has to offer! If you still need some convincing, try our demo to find out how MeaningCloud performs text analytics.

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MeaningCloud’s Public APIs

Topics Extraction

Extract relevant information from texts, such as entities, concepts, and other important data.

Text Classification

Classify texts based on a hierarchical categorization or taxonomy.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze texts and tag them according to their polarity, subjectivity, irony and disagreement expression.

Language Identification

Automatically detect the language in which a text (obtained from any kind of source) is written.

Lemmatization, PoS and Parsing

Carry out different linguistic analysis: morphosyntactic analysis, PoS tagging and lemmatization.

Corporate Reputation

Tag content to analyze the reputation of a brand or company.

Text Clustering

Group documents based on their similarity and discover meaningful implicit subjects across them.

Automatic Summarization

Summarize a given text or document according to the desired length.

Document Structure Analysis

Extract different sections of a given document with markup content, including titles, sections, abstract or parts of an email.