Text-based data sources are a key factor for any organization to understand the "whys"

Finding committed employees is one of public and private organizations’ top priorities. MeaningCloud can help extract insights from the employees' feedback with People Analytics, a text analytics solution for human resources.

Listening to the Voice of the Employee (VoE) by systematically collecting, managing and acting on the employee feedback on a variety of valuable topics is essential. Since everyone wants to understand employees better, text-based data sources are a key factor for any organization to understand the "whys" and act on them to make improvements.

Most promising areas of text analytics for Human Resources

Manually extracting ideas from text is tedious and expensive at best and impossible because of the large volume at worst.

Voice of the Employee

Voice of the Employee collects the needs, wishes, hopes, and preferences of the employees of a given company. VoE considers specific needs, such as salaries, career, health, and retirement, as well as implicit requirements to satisfy the employee and gain the respect of colleagues and managers.

Open-ended questions in surveys

Open questions are one of the most effective ways to gather employee opinions; they offer them an open forum to make suggestions and present innovative ideas.

CV analysis

Going through hundreds of resumes is not an easy task. MeaningCloud’s Text Analytic approach helps recruiters to identify which candidate suits best the requirements of the company.

Exit interviews

An exit interview is a survey taken by someone who is leaving an organization. The analysis results provide valuable information that can help improve turnover, optimize the recruitment process and hiring, reduce absences, improve innovation, maintain performance, and reduce possible conflicts.

Recommended products for People Analytics

MeaningCloud provides a set of APIs and plug-ins specifically designed for People Analytics scenarios:

Sentiment Analysis API

Perform the most advanced opinion mining, including aspect-based polarity, objectivity/subjectivity distinction, discernment of disagreement, and irony detection.

Text Classification API

Categorize content from any channel using standard taxonomies (e.g. exit reasons) or others tailored to your business needs.

Add-in for Excel

Classify, extract key elements and analyze opinions in articles, posts or tweets directly from your favorite spreadsheet program.

Voice of the Employee (VoE) Vertical Pack

Use its predefined models and Excel integrations to easily generate and consume meaningful VoE insights.

These are just a few of the MeaningCloud products recommended for People Analytics scenarios, but there are more: be sure to have a look at our catalog.

Advantages of MeaningCloud for HR analytics

MeaningCloud's solutions aimed at People Analytics gather our expertise in projects for this industry and provide services for tagging, enriching and proofreading contents. These are some of their features:

Discover relations hidden in text

Extract relations, e.g. "factors affecting employee engagement".

Classify in categories

Classify text according to custom taxonomies or classification schemes (e.g. open-ended questions: salary, promotions, training, etc.).

Identify keywords

Identify relevant concepts (e.g. departments, canteen, parking, holidays, etc.).

Use your own dictionaries

Names of companies, trademarks, products, services, etc. can be added to system dictionaries for customization purposes.

Extract key data

Identification of money amounts, dates, time expressions, addresses, URLs and e-mail addresses.

Integrable with your HRIS, ERP, or CMS

Easy to integrate with your Human Resources Information System, Intranets, Customer Relationship Management solution or Content Management Systems.

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