Customer success stories


Audiense (formerly SocialBro) is the leading vendor of Twitter marketing tools, and they need to process massive amounts of tweets per second. They integrated MeaningCloud APIs to analyze user-generated content to infer their demographic profile and aspect-based sentiment toward specific brands. The insights gained have been a demographic+psychographic profiling of Twitter users, to define segments and better target online marketing campaigns for their customers.

Download Audiense’s customer case.


This leading bank needed to process unstructured customer feedback across multiple channels (potential volume: tens of thousands of verbatims per month) in a fashion integrated with their existing CX management platform. They used MeaningCloud APIs to categorize according to predefined themes (products, channels), identify brands/products/competitors… and assess the sentiment related to those. The results: avoid manual codification, detect new issues, and understand the reason behind numerical scores.

Unidad Editorial

Unidad Editorial is one of the biggest media groups in Spain, with mastheads such as El Mundo, Marca, and Expansión. They have integrated MeaningCloud’s APIs into their new corporate content management system to embed information extraction and content organization and enrichment capabilities. Thus, editors can tag, classify and relate their pieces, while clients receive personalized content according to their preferences. The result has been an improvement in their offering’s quality and greater audience engagement and satisfaction.