Automate workflows between multiple applications using text analytics and without coding

Zapier is a system that allows creating workflows ("zaps") that involve several applications without the need to develop, providing pre-built connectors with more than 1,000 applications, from Facebook or Twitter to MailChimp or Salesforce.

MeaningCloud integration for Zapier allows you to easily automate those workflows by applying the most advanced text analytics, extracting the meaning of textual information in emails, documents or social comments, and injecting it into processes to make them more intelligent.

About Zapier

Zapier is a product that allows you to connect web applications and automate workflows, moving information automatically between applications. Zapier makes possible to

  • Integrate: connect web applications with a few clicks, so they can share data.
  • Automate: pass information between applications through workflows called Zaps.
  • Innovate: build new processes quickly, without the need to program.

For this, Zapier provides pre-built connectors with more than 1,000 applications (apps), from corporate accounting or CRM applications to development, event management and team collaboration tools.

Features of the integration

MeaningCloud app (integration) for Zapier provides access to the following semantic analysis functions, which can be incorporated as stages in any multi-application workflow:

  • Extract Topics: extracts relevant information that appears in a text as named entities, concepts, money expressions, and quantities.
  • Classify Text: assign categories from a standard or customized taxonomy to a text.
  • Analyze Sentiment: detects the positive, negative or neutral polarity of a text, its subjectivity and irony.
  • Identify Language: detects in what language a text is written.
  • Categorize Text: performs a deep and detailed categorization of the text, applying a morphosyntactic and semantic analysis of it.

Use scenarios

MeaningCloud app makes Zapier workflows more intelligent, enabling to automatically extract and use insights and to make decisions based on the content of emails, documents, or social comments. Some scenarios where this possibility can be applied are:

  • Detect the sentiment expressed in comments on Twitter or Facebook and receive Slack notifications with the most critical ones.
  • Classify articles from an RSS feed and insert them in Pocket with the corresponding tag for later reading.
  • Analyze free-text comments from clients in Typeform, Google Forms, Gmail or Zendesk and enter the result in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.
  • Categorize issues created in GitHub or GitLab and create a specific card in Trello.

MeaningCloud integration with Zapier includes pre-built zaps that implement some of these scenarios. See some examples here:

More information on our page in Zapier.


MeaningCloud app for Zapier puts these advantages at your fingertips:

Integrated into the Zapier experience

It leverages Zapier’s graphical interface and point-and-click approach to easily develop integrations that embed text analytics.

Broad text analytics functionality

Extract information, classify and categorize text, analyze sentiment, and identify the language.

Fully customizable

Create dictionaries and classification and sentiment models tailored to your needs and use them in your Zapier workflows.

Pre-built Zaps

Pre-defined Zaps templates allow you to start working immediately in a wide variety of use cases.