Turn information about your market into game-changing insights

Market Intelligence consists of monitoring and analyzing multiple sources of data regarding our industry (customers, competitors, suppliers, regulators) to convert them into digestible information and actionable insights about our business. Obviously, much of that data is unstructured content from news, forums, reviews and documents. Advanced text analytics allows us to distill deeper insights from these sources to minimize manual analysis and foster the discovery of groundbreaking information with the maximum guarantee of accuracy, volume and cost.

Text Analytics for Market Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence

Companies need to carry out Market Intelligence practices in order to survive and thrive. Market Intelligence is the process of collecting, analyzing and managing the market information needed to support strategic decision making.

Market information comes from multiple sources and most of it is unstructured. By collecting news, comments from social networks, forums, and review sites, patents and regulation, companies obtain the raw material to distill the insights they need.

However, processing that content requires more than basic text classification functions. Otherwise, analysts end up manually sifting through massive amounts of content in search of precise data that they can aggregate, merge and cross-reference to make decisions.

Deep text analytics allows us to identify occurrences of entities and concepts, categorize thematically, extract meaningful semantic relationships between topics, discover new emerging subjects, and summarize documents to make the most of that vast amount of content.

Application areas

Market and Competitive Intelligence-oriented text analytics is applicable to all aspects of business, including:


Understand their perceptions, opinions, emotions and intentions, identify their key purchasing criteria and discover business opportunities through the procurement solicitations they publish.


Detect their movements (new customers, products, projects, alliances) and analyze market perceptions about them and preferences for them.

Partners and supply chain

Identify developments in your supply chain, new suppliers and partners, and any risk of shortage.


Detect who influences decisions in your industry, the topics of their publications, their reach and audience involvement.


Identify emerging technologies, new patents and the focus of scientific publications.


Detect new regulations, legislative changes and initiatives from regulators in your industry.

Financing and corporate deals

Discover financing events and news about mergers and acquisitions.

Who can benefit?

Text analytics applied to Market Intelligence can favor corporate brands and customers, as well as product and service providers in this field, who will benefit from better leveraging of unstructured content.


Market Intelligence tool vendors

Differentiate your offering with the ability to distill deep insights from all types of unstructured content.


Market Intelligence service providers

Scale up your service delivery by not having to manually curate a mass of textual content.

Corporate clients

Corporate clients in different industries

Implement Market Intelligence solutions that can extract information from the most relevant sources for your specific scenario and turn it into actionable insights for your business.

Financial services

Financial services firms

Analyze relevant industry information in depth to discover and evaluate companies potentially susceptible to investment or merger.

Recommended products for Market Intelligence

MeaningCloud's products oriented to Market Intelligence reflect our experience of projects in this field. These are some of them:

Topics Extraction

Identify, in an unambiguous and context-dependent way, any mentions of companies, brands, organizations, relevant people, product categories or meaningful attributes of a market.

Deep Categorization

Define categories using powerful semantic rules and classify content, taking into account the deep meaning of the text.

Automatic Summarization

Automatically generate abstracts of articles and documents to avoid reading them manually.

Sentiment Analysis

Determine the polarity of opinions expressed in comments, reviews and ratings.

Text Clustering

Discover significant themes across a collection of content to identify emerging subjects and aggregate content pieces based on their similarity.

These are just a few of the MeaningCloud products recommended for Market Intelligence scenarios. Be sure to have a look at our product catalog.

Advantages of MeaningCloud in Market Intelligence

MeaningCloud offers benefits that other Market Intelligence solutions lack:

All kinds of sources

MeaningCloud can use traditional and social media content and all kinds of websites. It is equipped to understand everything from the formal language of law to the colloquial, abbreviated language found on social networks, in several languages.

Game-changing insights

Advanced text analytics technology allows you to detect emerging subjects, extract meaningful semantic relationships across the mentioned topics and discover market-moving information, so that there is no need to manually review thousands of documents.


Incorporate dictionaries and models tailored to your needs to adapt the system to your scenario.