NextGen’s goal has been the development of a Mobile Business Intelligence platform, aimed at developers and publishers. NextGen offers personalized action solutions to Social & Mobile Game players, from the elaboration of previous patterns built with their individual and collective interaction with the game.

The goal of the project is to create an intelligent system that identifies behavioral patterns and uses them to categorize players in real time: eg “Cheaters”, “Whales” (the most profitable players), “non-buyers” or “early quitters” (players who will soon leave the game, etc.). This will allow users to execute personalized actions based on business objectives, which is essential in models where revenues depend on the interaction and evolution of the player in the game.

The solution architecture consists of a game event log datawarehouse, with data analytics and advanced reporting modules to exploit the stored information. On the other hand, an SDK has been developed to embed code in the game code and to record events about the player’s actions in the datawarehouse. The resulting log is analyzed using automatic classification algorithms (classification of player profiles and actions to be taken) and clustering algorithms.


Funding organization: Ministerio de Energía, Turismo y Agenda Digital, Plan de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2013-2016, Acción Estratégica de Economía y Sociedad Digital

Referencia: TSI-100600-2013-198

Partners: Digital Legends, Daedalus (now MeaningCloud)

Funding: 390 K€

Period: July 2013 to February 2015