Customer experience, a win-win in restaurants

 BLT sandwich, buttered or not?


Do you know if your customers prefer buttered toast in your BLT sandwich? Don’t worry; MeaningCloud is the kitchen helper you need to suit your dinner guest. Customer experience is the ingredient you need. Surfing the Internet you find hundreds of websites and apps to give feedback on restaurants. You could find by chance people talk about yours. Can you imagine people disparaging your BLT sandwich? For your information, I’d rather have it buttered.

Foodies are on the house!

Who on Earth are the foodies? These guys know everything. They are able to smell a PB&J sandwich hundreds of miles away, spend most of the time searching for the best sourdough bread, keep up with the latest food trend, and snitch on everyone and everything. This cooking enthusiasm leaves us thousands of reviews on the Internet.

But not only foodies talk. People talk; boast of every place they’ve been to, post photos and comments on the Internet, and share experiences with others. We are having the latest testing menu with feedback as main dish including a glass of champagne to toast for it.

Pull all the stops out…

…because size does matter. Don’t worry, we are still talking about food. A very small portion of homemade cherry pie is not the same than a big one, unlike the seared filet of beef with potato gratin, Swiss chard, cassis glazed shallots and stilton butter which is delicious just because it comes in that tiny portion. Thus, I insist: size matters. Are your customers happy with your portion size?

Let’s just pull all the stops out and win the competition. What are the main dishes your competitors serve? Who has the highest prices in the neighborhood? Which wines do they pour? Which restaurants offer the best customer service ever? You need to understand the enemy before beating him.

Specialty of the house: Customer experience

Voice of Customer will be your star dish! Getting to know your customer is the ingredient you need because information is power.

Our specialty is to study the customer experience from the moment he walks in the door. Does he like the warm tone lighting? Is the music too loud? Is furniture adapted to the dimensions of the room? Do waiters provide good customer service? Do you have fair prices? What do customers think about your location?

Customer experience

Customer experience

MeaningCloud can help you to analyze all restaurants’ reviews found in different communication channels. Listen to your customers to get insights and find your weaknesses and strengths. Read every complaint, suggestion, and praise. Taking advantage of insights will make you win and success in decision–making process. This is the key to success.

Big Data is not a problem anymore. We manage and classify unstructured data through any communication channel in real time. Benefits are countless; you get automated and actionable data, increase and improve efficiency, provide personalized guest experience from customized insights, and increase sales. Data-driven insight can maximize your Return of Investment (ROI).

Put the icing on the cake

Life put us through bitter moments so let’s just not give up on sweet ones. If you find out your chef is not that good making tiramisu, bet on his cherry pie! I am sure your customers will be happy to ask for the bill and, what is even more important, they’ll be back home and will share a great experience at your restaurant. In the meantime, BLT sandwich anyone?

If you are hungry and curious after reading this article, our professional team can effectively address Text Analytics projects in any complex scenario with maximum guarantees of success.

And if you’re curious about how to adapt MeaningCloud to your customer experience management context check out these webinars.

? By Marta Villegas

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