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Communication during the Coronavirus (I): Thematic analysis in Spanish digital news media

While it is obvious that the priority during this pandemic is to cure the sick, to prevent new cases from surfacing and to ensure there are economic and social measures in place to help the people and businesses most afflicted overcome the current situation; without a doubt, in the near future, the analysis of content related to the coronavirus that has been generated by the media and social network users will be the object of research for numerous disciplines such as sociology, philology, linguistics, audio-visual communication, and politics, to name a few.

At MeaningCloud we want to do our bit in this area, by applying our experience and our Text Analytics solutions to analyze the enormous volume of information in natural language, in Spanish and in other languages, in Spain and in other countries, given that, unfortunately, this is a global crisis.

This first article in the series centers on the thematic analysis of content that has been generated in Spanish by digital media platforms in Spain over the last month, how it has evolved during this period of time and the informative positioning of the main media platforms in Spain.

These other articles (only available, at the moment, in Spanish) analyse conversation topics on Twitter in Spain (both from the hashtags and general topics perspective and also applying a specific thematic categorization) and the linguistic analysis of presidential speeches related to this crisis.

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COVID-19 Crisis: doing our part

As our CEO, Jose Gonzalez, announced a couple of days ago, in MeaningCloud, we believe that every little helps, and so we are adopting some measures to help our users and clients in these trying times.

Starting now:

  • We will provide full access to anyone participating in any of the NLP-related tasks published by platforms such as Kaggle to help in the research to fight or analyze the impact of COVID-19. Just contact us at support.
  • The Start-Up plan is doubled in volume: all current subscriptions, as well as subscriptions created while the COVID-19 crisis, persists will allow up to 240k credits per month.
fight COVID-19
  • The Start-Up plan now comes with a discount of $25 over its usual price for the next 3 months:
    • The discount has already been applied to all our current Start-Up subscriptions.
    • Any new subscription may benefit from this discount adding the coupon COVID-STARTUP in the upgrade process.
  • All our packs now cost $99 for the next 3 months. This discount has already been applied to current subscriptions to packs. New subscriptions should use the following coupons on checkout depending on the pack:

The upgrade process should include only the item the coupon applies to. These coupons are valid until May 31, 2020, or until the crisis ends.

Stay safe and take care of each other.

The MeaningCloud team

Fighting the coronavirus together – Message from the CEO

Fighting COVID-19

Dear friends,

In these challenging times, caused by the severe impact of the coronavirus, we have considered how we can best help our customers, friends and the communities our employees are a part of.

First of all, we believe that continuing our daily work and meeting commitments for our customers is our best contribution to the global economy and the recovery that should ensue. Digital companies must continue to contribute to the generation of wealth at a time like this. The loss of employment and vast public spending caused by the pandemic, with incalculable costs in health, social, and business protection, morally force us to contribute to sustaining the economy from our technological trench.

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