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Lemmatization, PoS, Parsing 2.0: Migration guide

We have released a new version of our core linguistic analyzer: Lemmatization, PoS and Parsing. In Lemmatization, PoS and Parsing 2.0:

  • More analysis possibilities have been included to allow you to combine a complete morphosyntactic analysis with other types of analysis such as Sentiment Analysis and Topics Extraction.
  • Configuration options have been changed to provide more flexibility in the analyses and to make the options available more understandable.
  • We’ve refactored our code to:
    • Improve the quality of the concepts/keywords extraction.
    • Make easier and more flexible the use and traceability of user dictionaries.
    • Give the possibility of obtaining a more complex integrated analysis to give flexibility in complex scenarios where the standard output is not enough.
  • A new type of topic has been added, quantity expressions, to cover a specific type of information that was hard to obtain with previous versions.
  • Some fields in the output have been modified, either to give them more appropriate names or to make them easier to use and understand.
  • Some use modes have been retired as the information provided was redundant with what a morphosyntactic analysis already gives.

All these improvements mean the migration process is not as fast as it would be with a minor version. These are the things you need to know to migrate your applications from Lemmatization, PoS and Parsing 1.2 to Lemmatization, PoS and Parsing 2.0.
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