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RapidMiner + Python + MeaningCloud = 🚀

Integrations with third-party software are something extremely useful: they allow you to use technology outside the tool you are using, giving you additional features outside its core functionality or just providing auxiliary tools to make your day to day easier.

One of the downsides is that you are limited by the functionality the integration provides. Usually, this is not much of a problem as standard integrations tend to cover the most common use cases, but in the case of tools that can be used in many scenarios, these uses cases may not be exactly what you need or want for your application.

MeaningCloud is not an exception to this. We provide many different APIs, each one of them with several types of analyses and with tons of possible applications. It’s not surprising that not all of them are included in MeaningCloud’s extension for RapidMiner.


If you want something like the global polarity Sentiment Analysis provides, then the extension for RapidMiner has you covered, but it may not be the case for other analyses. It can go from wanting to use a MeaningCloud API not included in the extension such as the Summarization API or to something as small as needing the label of the resulting categories in an automatic classification process instead of the code the extension provides.

Last year, RapidMiner published a new Python scripting extension: Execute Python. This operator allows you to run a Python script in RapidMiner, which enables you to include any processing you want and can code in a Python script in your RapidMiner process.

Using this new functionality and MeaningCloud’s Python SDK, we can create a Python script to use any of MeaningCloud APIs directly from RapidMiner. The SDK enables us to work with the API output easily and to extract whatever information we want to add to our RapidMiner processes.

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Sentiment Analysis tool for your brand in 10 minutes!

Have you ever tried to understand the buzz around your brand in social networks? Simple metrics about the amount of friends or followers may matter, but what are they are actually saying? How do you extract insights from all those comments? At MeaningCloud, we are planning a series of tutorials to show you how you could use text analytics monitor your brand’s health.

Today, we will talk about the fanciest feature: Sentiment Analysis. We will build a simple tool using Python to measure the sentiment about a brand in Twitter. The key ingredient is MeaningCloud Media Analysis API which will help to detect the sentiment in a tweet. We will also use Twitter Search API to retrieve tweets and the library matplotlib to chart the results.

Brand monitoring

Listening to what customers say on social networks about brands and competitors has become paramount for every kind of enterprise. Whether your purpose is marketing, product research or public relations, the understanding of sentiment, the perception and the topics related to your brand would provide you valuable insights.  This is the purpose of MeaningCloud Media Analysis API, make easier the extraction of these insights from the myriad of comments that are potentially talking about a brand. This tutorial will guide you through the process of building an application that listens to Twitter for your brand keywords and extract the related sentiment.
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