Fighting the coronavirus together – Message from the CEO

Fighting COVID-19

Dear friends,

In these challenging times, caused by the severe impact of the coronavirus, we have considered how we can best help our customers, friends and the communities our employees are a part of.

First of all, we believe that continuing our daily work and meeting commitments for our customers is our best contribution to the global economy and the recovery that should ensue. Digital companies must continue to contribute to the generation of wealth at a time like this. The loss of employment and vast public spending caused by the pandemic, with incalculable costs in health, social, and business protection, morally force us to contribute to sustaining the economy from our technological trench.

Secondly, we know that some of our users are conducting studies that investigate public opinion on the situation which has arisen from the pandemic. Additionally, a database of 44,000 scientific articles on COVID-19, SARS, and related coronaviruses has recently been released on Kaggle, in an initiative promoted by the Allen Institute for AI, the White House, and other institutions. Complete information on the challenges posed to the scientific community of text-mining/NLP (natural language processing) can be found in the CORD-19 research challenge page.

If you wish to use our platform to carry out any type of coronavirus-related research, please contact us through our support line (, and we will facilitate the use of our APIs at no cost.


Third, as MeaningCloud is a B2B and B2B2C service company, we are aware of the difficulties that some of our clients are experiencing, and likewise the clients of our clients. For this reason, we want to make our services more affordable, especially for our smallest (Startup Plan) clients. Thus, while this global emergency persists (or, at least, until May 31, 2020):

  • The Startup Plan will be priced at $75/month, with a 25% discount.
  • The limit of the Startup Plan will be 240,000 API calls/month (doubling the standard limit), both for old and new subscribers.
  • All packs (VoC, VoE, Emotion, Intention, Languages) will be priced at $99/month.

To take advantage of these offers, contact us via the support line ( In a few days, a coupon system will be working on our payment gateway (Stripe) that will allow these discounts to be applied automatically.

To finish, during the same period, we are going to grant our employees permission to dedicate one day of their working week to any type of action in relation to the coronavirus: voluntary activities to help their neighbors, collaborating with NGOs, participating in coronavirus research using our platform, etc.

Nothing will be the same after this crisis. The automation of processes that involve the treatment of unstructured information (news, social content, complex documents, etc.) is going to be a more pressing need for many companies. We are confident that Artificial Intelligence, and particularly the language technology subsector, will increasingly contribute to meeting those needs. Therefore, we hope you will find us in the same place when you need us.

With any luck, this nightmare will soon be over, and we will once again be able to shake hands unconditionally. On behalf of the MeaningCloud team, we wish the best of health to all our clients and their families.

Jose Gonzalez

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