Fork MeaningCloud SDKs on GitHub!

Here at MeaningCloud we love Git.

If you have read our posts on sentiment analysis (document-level, feature-level), you’ll have seen that we have started to use gists from Github to share our examples and pieces of code in this blog.

Our aim in MeaningCloud is to make the building of semantics into your applications as easy as possible. Besides our public API, we have developed SDKs to make your life easier. Right now, they are the easiest way to start using our Media Analysis and Semantic Publishing APIs.

MeaningCloud API provides SDK for several languages- now available on Github

Would you like to get your hands really dirty? We have published the code in Github recently!



About César De Pablo

Senior software engineer at MeaningCloud. I felt in love with language fifteen years ago. Since then, learning every day a bit about natural and artificial languages, big data and building ideas into software.

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