Konplik Health: MeaningCloud splits its business of AI services for healthcare and pharma

As a client and friend to MeaningCloud, it is with great pleasure that I share the news that we have established a dedicated business exclusively focused on providing services for the health and pharmaceutical sectors: Konplik Health. This is an exciting step forward to accelerate our growth.

Today we announce to the public the completion of this spin-off from our Artificial Intelligence (AI) businesses with its 22 years experience into this new, independent company. The spin-off will allow both product and management teams to drive increased responsiveness to their customers’ particular needs and achieve faster growth through focused and fit-for-purpose operating models.

Konplik Health

Konplik.Health begins operations immediately with the health-related assets from MeaningCloud, including its leading natural language processing, deep semantic analysis, AI platform, and adaptations specific to the life sciences. This, along with relevant clients such as Pfizer, who first trusted us with critical strategic projects, creates a strong operating entity.

This is a natural progression that builds on ten years of effort with health-specific applications and expands our decision five years ago to increase presence in the United States.

  • MeaningCloud will be better focused on its productized text analytics (automated services, SaaS, managed services, and software licensing), growing its position as a powerful and generalized Natural Language Processing tool.
  • Konplik Health will address our custom development services and give identity and more visibility to our work in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, which had been growing significantly in the last five years.

More than just another AI company in the healthcare space

Artificial Intelligence is competitive, particularly in areas related to health. The number of startups created each year in this sector continues to increase at a rapid rate. However, we firmly believe there is a place for Konplik Health to thrive.

Konplik Health is focused. Spanning business aspects (market intelligence, extraction of insights from large volumes of documentation, pricing, patient feedback analysis) as well as medical ones (pharmacovigilance, analysis of health records), we are starting with our own solutions for extracting insights from textual sources; however, we are not tied to a particular technology, but to our clients’ needs.

Konplik Health is strong. Our initiative does not respond to a trend, does not seek investors (since we are starting with the personnel, technology, and clients needed to ensure viability and profitability from day one), nor does it seek a quick exit.

Konplik Health is ambitious. Even in this general context of uncertainty, we know that we have enough ingredients to continue innovating and growing in the coming years, and to generate more value for our clients, employees, shareholders, and society as a whole.

Konplik Health is motivated. We are investing the same passion as when we started, with a few more grams of experience.

MeaningCloud looks forward to continuing to provide best of breed NLP, ML, and AI technology through highly customizable and tunable text analytics as Konplik Health charges forward to transforming healthcare and pharma with Artificial Intelligence.

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