Migrate from Textalytics: Spellchecker and Language Analysis API

We have just published and updated in MeaningCloud two of the functionalities that were still pending to migrate from Textalytics.

  • Automatic text proofreading checks spelling, grammar and style in your texts for several languages: Spanisn, English, French and Italian.
  • Full language analysis including lemmatization, Part of Speech tagging and syntactic analysis also for several languages. For this API besides English, Spanish, French and Italian we have also Portuguese and Catalan available.

Textalytics users can access MeaningCloud using the same email and password they already had. If you do not remember your password, you can reset and generate a new password.

Developers using Textalytics’ Spell, Grammar and Style Proofreading API or Lemmatization, POS and Parsing API

If you are a user of the following functionalities and want to migrate to MeaningCloud, you can do it already. You only have to:

  1. Update the access point, since the request and response format does not change. Both HTTP and HTTPS endpoints are available.
    API Textalytics MeaningCloud
    Spell, Grammar and Style Proofreading
    Lemmatization, POS and Parsing API
  2. Check your license key in MeaningCloud and make sure that you use the correct (and only) license as the value of the parameter ‘license key’ on all requests. You can copy your license key either from the Licenses section in the Account menu, or from the developers home.

As always, if you have doubts or find any other problem, do not hesitate to write us to support@meaningcloud.com. Nevertheless, in order to ensure a smooth transition for client applications all the Textalytics’ API endpoints will be operational until June 1st, 2015.

About César De Pablo

Senior software engineer at MeaningCloud. I felt in love with language fifteen years ago. Since then, learning every day a bit about natural and artificial languages, big data and building ideas into software.

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