We The Humans: Artificial Intelligence for social good

MeaningCloud partners with the think tank “We the Humans“, sponsoring the challenge “Artificial Intelligence for social good”.

The mission of “We the Humans” consists in:

  • Encouraging the social debate about the correct use and development of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Bringing these concerns to the public agenda.
  • Supporting organizations in the development and adoption of an ethical AI.

We The Humans Think Tank
The specific objectives of this non-profit organization are:

  • Generate knowledge about the ethical challenges of new technologies.
  • Raise awareness in society about current ethical challenges.
  • Encourage the creation of solutions to these challenges (codes of conduct, regulation, keys to an ethical-technological design, etc.)

The challenge, open until October 4th, 2019, consists of two categories (Entrepreneurs and Startups), and four topics (Health, Sustainability, Vulnerable groups, and Labor insertion). The winner of each of the two categories will receive an economic prize of 3,000 euros, as well as technological credits, mentoring and incubation. The challenge is limited geographically to initiatives promoted in Spain. For further information and registration, consult the webpage “Concurso IA con fines sociales“.

MeaningCloud provides Text Analytics plans at no cost to all the participants in the challenge, plus upgraded plans for the following six months for the winners. It’s an honor collaborating with We the Humans in this excellent initiative.


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