Books Are a Service

Semantic Publishing and Voice of the Customer understanding for the media&content industry

The reason for publishing being a key industry to take advantage of text analytics is also the reason why the industry finds it so hard to engage with the technology.

Books are a serviceThe reason? Text. And a lot of it. The publishing world has struggled to understand how data relates to text and understand the value of data. This is changing, too slow for many, as the industry moves from seeing themselves as a ‘product’ based company (e.g. making books, e-books or physical) to a ‘service’ based company. In other words smart publishers are starting to see their service to customers as the creator and curator of information. This content is abled to be mixed and mashed-up in dynamic ways across a number of formats. This service is not bound, saddle-stitch or otherwise, to a specific product. This 180-degree perspective change requires publishers to think more directly about customer experience in the same way more traditional service based industries like hospitality or even retail banking.

You are starting to hear the buzzwords ‘Voice of the Customer’ and ‘Customer Experience’, but what do they mean to the publishing world and how does MeaningCloud help?

MeaningCloud provides a set of text analytics functions that can enrich your content with metadata, making it more manageable, intelligent and valuable –in what is being known as ‘semantic publishing’. And it can understand your customers’ ‘voice’ across a variety of unstructured –and unsolicited– feedback channels, like social media and email. MeaningCloud helps you by

  • Making it easy, making it relevant. MeaningCloud’s easy to use interface and connectors ease the learning curve associated with text analytics. It gives users the ability to see results quickly, which makes it easier to communicate the value of the technology. By making use of the APIs, users are producing prototypes to demonstrate value to ‘product’-oriented people within the organization. We also support a plug-in for users who prefer to do the analysis of surveys, tweets and comments in Excel.
  • Enabling an understanding of what you ‘actually’ publish. MeaningCloud’s categorization and entity extraction provides a finer-grained understanding of content. Content, whether it is a book, a website, a survey or a bundle of tweets, is actually made up of tens, hundreds, if not thousands of concepts. Rather than relying on title, summary or abstracts you can create a much more full view of what your book is about. Categorization lets you automatically group seemingly disparate content together according to theme and subject. With this flexibility, users create ‘chapter-based’ products, dynamically served content, mash-ups, etc.
  • Once you understand your content, begin to understand your customers. MeaningCloud enables you to better understand what your customers are talking about whether it is via email contact or by mentioning you on social media. With our social media analysis tools it is possible to do multi-dimensional customer profiling from social media behavior.
  • Having a holistic view of your business. The true power text analytics comes when you marry the understanding of your content from MeaningCloud’s text analysis with your analysis customer’s engagement with that content. You start to get a holistic view of your business that enables immediate actionable insights.

All this can be done risk free. All of MeaningCloud’s tools are customizable. As the world, your content and your business need change, so can the tools to understand it. MeaningCloud is offered as a SaaS which generous request allowances to ensure you can demonstrate value to your stakeholders. Paid plans start at only $99 per month and have no contracts requirements. If your business requires ‘on-site’ installation, we can do that too. We’re confident that they continuous refinement to the service is one of the best in the industry. Request an API key today at or speak to one of our experts at

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